In 2009, 23.5 million Americans, aged 12 or older, needed treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

Located on the campus of Amita Presence Mercy, the Gateway Foundation Aurora IL drug and alcohol addiction treatment center offers innovative approaches to recovery. Addiction is a disease, and we have Addiction Medicine to help you heal. We use evidence-based practices as well as holistic therapies to treat your emotional, physical and social needs. Learn more about Gateway Foundation Aurora IL to better prepare yourself to make a decision that will positively impact the rest of your life.

What You Need to Know About Gateway Foundation Aurora IL

The most important thing to know about Gateway Foundation Aurora IL is that our primary goal is your recovery. When you recover from addiction, you need to heal your mind, your body and your life. Your family plays a role as well since your addiction also affects them. When you complete treatment at our facility, we hope that you begin a healthy, balanced life that includes your family and friends. Our treatment options include evidence-based approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy as well as recreational and team building activities that prepare you for a healthy life without addiction.

What are Behavioral Therapy Programs?

Behavioral therapy programs are focused on building self-control. Therapists guide clients through sessions designed to help them recognize and change self-destructive behaviors. Both cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies are useful for addiction treatment.

The Core Values of Gateway Foundation

At Gateway Foundation, we recognize addiction as a disease that destroys many lives. For this reason, we have a full range of evidence-based and science-driven practices to support you. We believe in your power to overcome. We provide you with the tools you need to confront real-life situations that are stressful. In addition, we want you to develop healthy habits and relationships, so we work with family and other important loved ones. Our staff is always supportive and encouraging. If you know about Gateway Foundation, you know that helping people overcome their addictions is our first priority.

At Gateway Foundation, we instill the idea that recovery is a lifelong commitment. As you learn about Gateway Foundation, you can see that we have engaged, vibrant alumni and Recovery Communities that we continue to support throughout their lifelong recovery. When our alumni speak about Gateway Foundation, they talk about the impact we have made in their lives.

Gateway Foundation Core Values:

  • Evidence based practices
  • Healthy habits
  • Family involvement
  • Supportive staff
  • A lifelong commitment to recovery

What Kind of Treatment Will You Receive?

At our facility, we use evidence-based and holistic practices during your recovery journey with us. Our programs encourage one-on-one interactions between you and our addiction treatment specialists, promoting trust and building relationships. We offer smaller programs to provide you with more personal, individualized treatment, through options such as:

While you heal and learn to live life without substance abuse, you participate in individual and group therapy sessions to work through the issues of recovery. If you also receive a diagnosis of a co-occurring psychiatric disorder, we treat this disorder as we address the addiction. Finally, because family and friends will be a vital source of support during your journey, we offer family therapy sessions. Once you know more about Gateway Foundation Aurora, you can make the decision to begin your recovery.

Addictions that Gateway Foundation Aurora Treats

1 Alcohol

2 Heroin

3 Opioids

4 Opiates

Services at Gateway Foundation Aurora

Gateway Foundation Aurora offers a variety of services to help you overcome your addiction and plan how to live your best life. Our services form part of your individualized treatment plan, which our team of professionals designs, considering your particular needs. As you learn more about Gateway Foundation Aurora IL, you will decide that we are the right fit for you. Our services include:

We use the Seeking Safety program designed by NIMH and SAMHSA for our patients who have suffered trauma and a substance abuse addiction. In the program, you learn the coping skills necessary to focus on the present, leaving the past behind.

Our 12 Step Facilitation technique uses the 12 Step framework in a therapist-led environment. They encourage you to find local support systems to assist you during your long-term recovery.

If you’re ready to change your life and beat your addiction, learn more about Gateway Foundation Aurora IL by calling us at 630.966.7400. That call can be the first step to turn your life around.

As of 2008, 23.1% of all rehab admissions were for alcohol abuse.

“I successfully completed a 30 day program there. The staff in providence house were amazing. They changed my life, and were very helpful, educational, and compassionate. I would highly recommend their residential program to anyone struggling with addiction. If you have the want to change it will happen if you give it your best.”

Tyler V.
An addiction-free life could be yours with the help of Gateway Foundation Aurora!