Recovery from an addiction lasts a lifetime, just like the disease of addiction which makes recovery necessary. A central part of your recovery journey is what happens once your treatment is completed. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we offer an Alumni Program to provide support even after you complete our treatment program. Our support for alumni includes an active Recovery Community that pushes you to maintain your focus on sobriety and recovery. We provide a variety of opportunities for continued engagement, education, and positive interactions.

Gateway Foundation Aurora is a small, facility offering Residential and Outpatient Treatment programs. Our staff designs person-centered, individual treatment plans with a particular focus on co-occurring disorders. During and after treatment, we encourage you to build lasting relationships that are important and valuable during your lifetime of recovery.

Benefits of an Alumni Program

Patients benefiting from Gateway's alumni program

When you seek treatment for addiction, you usually focus on the types of treatment available and their success.  While these are important parts of recovery, what happens afterward should also be a priority. Our quality Alumni Engagement program is designed to extend the support you receive during your Residential and Outpatient treatment. With the variety of activities and engagement opportunities provided by our program, you can remain focused on health and recovery. You also continue to have access to our therapists, which can help during difficult times. At the same time, you can take advantage of recovery engagement opportunities. These include helping others by sharing your successful recovery journey and leading support and social activities.

Our Alumni program also gives you access to an active alumni Recovery Community made up of people who understand the struggles and challenges of recovery. Our Alumni program is another tool you can use for support as you seek lifelong success after rehab. You can continue to participate in educational workshops and social activities that promote a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Becoming a Part of the Alumni Community

If you want to access the support our Alumni program offers, you can become an active member of the Addiction Recovery Community. By supporting others who are also on their recovery journeys, you remain focused on your own recovery, decreasing the risk of relapse, and planning for a successful future. You can stay involved in this world of healing by taking advantage of opportunities such as:

  • Sharing your story with recovering addicts to inspire and motivate them
  • Speaking at recovery graduations
  • Promoting 12-step and other support meetings
  • Running support groups
  • Speaking with small groups of recovering patients about their plans for relapse prevention
  • Coordinating and hosting social events, such as holiday dinners

The support you receive can also be mobile, with the use of apps designed specifically to allow you to take your Recovery Community network with you. This can be especially handy if you find yourself in a challenging or stressful situation that makes you feel overwhelmed.

Other Services Offered by Gateway Foundation Aurora

Our Alumni Engagement program is just one part of the services we offer our clients. We believe in treating your mind, body, and spirit because addiction affects your physical body as well as your emotions and thoughts. During your treatment, our staff delivers evidence-based services supported by research and proven to help our patients recover. Our services include:

Recovery is a lifelong process, and as such you need lifelong support to maintain that focus. While the support is readily available when you are in Residential Treatment, finding that support network might not be as clear after treatment. Our Alumni Engagement program is designed to extend that support once you return to your everyday life. As a result, you can reconnect with therapists when you need to, attend support meetings to keep you focused and help others going through similar situations.

Take control of your life, overcome addiction and reach for success. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, you can enjoy a supportive, safe atmosphere that extends from treatment into our Alumni program. Call us today at 630.966.7400 and take the first step on the road to recovery.