In 2017, 38% of adults battled an illicit drug use disorder.

When you want to overcome an addiction, you need quality addiction therapy services Aurora IL trusts to recover. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we use evidence-based practices, supported by research and proven to help you recover from addiction. Our center promotes smaller programs that provide opportunities for you to have more one-on-one sessions with our therapists and counselors.

We specialize in dual diagnosis cases and provide personalized treatment, designed to deal with each patient’s particular situation. Since we believe in a holistic healing approach, our addiction therapy services Aurora IL incorporate holistic and evidence-based therapy. While you learn meditation techniques to help you live a mindful life, you also participate in individual therapy sessions. We are located on the Presence Health Hospital Campus, easily accessible from the western Chicago suburbs and throughout the state.

Residential vs. Outpatient Treatment

These two main types of treatment programs work toward the same ends in different ways. Patients in residential programs live at the facility during treatment. Outpatient programs allow patients to live at home and get the same therapy options. Each can be effective for different patient needs.

Treatment Programs Offered

Our addiction therapy services Aurora IL facility offers Residential Treatment as well as Outpatient Programs. In our Residential Program, you enjoy 24-hour support to keep you focused on your treatment. Additionally, our residential setting allows you to dedicate all your time to recover without any distractions. During our program, you participate in individual, group and family counseling sessions. At the same time, you attend educational workshops and enjoy recreational and team building activities.

Our half, full or Intensive Outpatient Programs offer you the flexibility to continue with your regular responsibilities while still receiving addiction therapy services. You can continue to work, go to school or take care of your family and participate in your therapy. At the end of each day, however, you get to go home to family and loved ones. These programs are best suited if you have a stable home, supportive family and friends, and the self-motivation to change. You can also transition into an Outpatient Program when you complete your Residential Treatment.

For dual diagnosis patients, we offer the Seeking Safety program, designed for people who have experienced trauma in their life. In this program, you learn to move away from the past while you focus on the present. You also acquire the coping skills you need to face uncomfortable situations in life. Once you complete our Residential and Outpatient Programs, we also have an active Alumni Engagement Program. Through this program, we continue to offer you support and opportunities to keep you focused on your recovery.

Our Addiction Therapy Services are ideal for:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Benzo addiction

Addiction Therapy Services Aurora IL

At our addiction therapy services Aurora IL center, empathetic, understanding doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors work with you to identify your issues. Together, our team designs a treatment plan to fit your needs. In our safe, confidential environment, you also learn to build interpersonal skills with people from many different backgrounds and circumstances. Our staff incorporates evidence-based services to help you on your journey to a healthier, better you. You can expect support and guidance, even after you graduate from our programs, through our strong Recovery Community. We engage with you so you can continue to focus on recovery by providing volunteering opportunities to help others. You can lead support groups, plan recovery events and share your journey of healing with others.

In 2017, 8.5 American adults suffered from co-occurring addiction and mental illness.
Major Benefits of Addiction Therapy Services

1 A comfortable, manageable withdrawal process

2 A renewed sense of self-worth and purpose

3 Coping skills for dealing with triggers

4 Support systems for lifelong sobriety

Addiction Therapy Services Offered

Our addiction therapy services include practices to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Since addiction is often tied to core values, our services focus on changing these values and their related behaviors. We also want to empower you to succeed, so we provide services to help you overcome mental and emotional obstacles. Our services include:

As a nonprofit addiction treatment center, we believe everyone should have access to addiction therapy services you need. To help with this, we accept in and out-of-network insurance and offer financing options so cost is not a financial burden.

If you are tired of letting addiction control your life, make a change. You can overcome addiction with quality addiction therapy services. Call Gateway Foundation Aurora today at 630.966.7400 to start the process of recovery.

“By far the best program i have come across, as a chronic relapse patient, Gateway has given me more information by far, than any other treatment center I have attended.”

Kyle J.
Contact Gateway Foundation Aurora today to learn how our addiction therapy services can help you. With our guidance, you can enjoy your life free from substance abuse!