Recovery is an emotional process, and a strong support system is an integral part of its success. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we believe loved ones can be a valuable part of your process. We offer a Family Therapy program as part of our addiction therapy services to help you overcome addiction and become healthy again.

Our facilities offer you a safe space where you can work on managing addiction while learning valuable coping skills. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we practice Addiction Medicine to treat the lifelong disease of addiction. We use both holistic practices to heal the whole person, and evidence-based treatment to provide the best chance at success. Since addiction affects the entire family, our Family Therapy program addresses the issues that have affected family relationships.

The Importance of Family Therapy

Couple holding hands in counseling at a family therapy program at GatewayFamily Therapy seeks to repair relationships that have been damaged by addiction. As well, during therapy, we teach family members how to support you through your recovery journey. Therapy helps family members become aware of the issues and concerns related to addiction. The result is that they become more prepared to offer support once you complete rehab. Addiction can often cause distance to grow between your family members and you. With blame, guilt, and confusion involved, even when family members might want to help, they might not know how. Our Family Therapy program provides the tools needed to face life situations while supporting you in your journey.

Your Recovery Journey

At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we guarantee a supportive environment led by experienced, compassionate medical professionals. During your journey, you participate in Individual, Family and Group Therapy so you can work on the whole you. An Individual Therapy program puts the focus on you, while Family Therapy allows you to focus on relationships with loved ones. Finally, Group Therapy helps you figure out new, healthy social relationships. We also provide a range of options including Residential Treatment and Outpatient, half-day and full-day programs to suit your situation.

Recovery starts with Withdrawal Management, where you get ready for therapy and counseling. Once withdrawal is complete, you continue your journey in either our Residential or Outpatient drug rehab programs. Our Residential program offers you the benefit of recovery without distractions while maintaining constant contact with our staff.

Our Outpatient program gives you the flexibility of scheduling, so you can remain present in your day-to-day life. An added benefit of Outpatient Treatment is the cost, as it is usually less expensive than Residential. You can then take advantage of our aftercare services.

Finally, our strong addiction Recovery Community is an opportunity for you to maintain your health and sobriety. We encourage you to share your success story with other patients with similar experiences through our Alumni Engagement program. We also invite you to lead support groups and other activities.

Evidence-based Services Help You Succeed

Our Family Therapy is part of the continuum of evidence-based services we offer. These services have been proven over time to help our patients and are supported by extensive research. With 50 years of service, helping over a million patients recover from addiction, we continue to work on personalized treatment. While Family Therapy focuses on relationships, individual treatment focuses on your growth. Our experienced staff is ready to design a unique therapy program while still addressing the issues related to your addiction. Our program merges practices such as meditation and sports, helping your spirit and body, with services focusing on overcoming addiction. These services include:

If you are ready to embrace a healthy, drug-free life, you can begin treatment focusing on you as an individual. However, any strong therapy services also include a Family Therapy program to build your support system. You can start to work towards that freedom and support by calling Gateway Foundation Aurora today at 630.966.7400.