Addiction is a lifelong illness, and as such, you need lifelong support. In a 12 step recovery program, you receive support and focus even after you complete our treatment programs. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we believe in a holistic approach to Addiction Medicine, treating your body, mind, and spirit. Our individualized treatment plans include evidenced-based therapies proven to help you on your road to recovery. Through Group, Family and Individual Therapy, as well as other programs and services, you focus on regaining your mental and physical health.

Addiction as a Lifelong Illness and Our Commitment to Supporting You

Man looking down on on his luck contemplating a 12 step recovery programAt Gateway Aurora we believe and treat addiction as a condition you will have to deal with for life. As such, we provide services and support from the beginning of your treatment and after, through our Alumni Engagement program. We commit to helping you achieve success by teaching you the skills to cope with stressful situations. We also help you acquire a support network to keep you going through emotional distress. The 12 step recovery program is part of our commitment to lifelong support for you and your family.

As part of treatment, we encourage you to participate in 12 step meetings at our facility and throughout the community. These meetings help you maintain focus on staying clean and sober even when significant life changes pop up. Meetings also provide you with a network of sympathetic peers who understand you because they have gone through similar issues.

Benefits of Following the 12 Step Recovery Program

A 12 step recovery program offers many benefits that can impact various aspects of your life. One of the most important is the peer network you build through the program and the feeling of fellowship and support you find there. The program can also provide structure and order to your life since meetings have set times and dates. Because there are many meetings throughout the community, you have access and availability depending on your schedule. You can also count on the peers you meet in these meetings to offer guidance through the recovery process. Finally, you must be accountable, through meeting attendance and your work of lifelong recovery.

Treatment Services at Gateway Foundation Aurora

The 12 step recovery program at Gateway Aurora is one part of the services we offer. Our staff of doctors, psychiatrists and counselors work together to design individualized plans with your strengths and needs in mind. These plans include Individual Therapy, a Group Therapy program, meditation, teambuilding activities, and educational classes. They also include evidence-based services proven to help our patients recover from addiction successfully. As well, we continue with our support once you complete our programs by offering you opportunities to remain involved in the Recovery Community. We invite you to share your story with other recovering patients, to lead support groups and to help plan a range of activities in our Alumni Engagement program.

The services we offer as part of our treatment plans include:

For patients who are undergoing Dual Diagnosis Treatment and have experienced trauma, we also offer the Seeking Safety program. This program is designed to help patients focus on their future while letting go of their past. In the program, you learn coping skills for stressful situations and how to build interpersonal relationships so you can strengthen your support system.

You can overcome your addiction by choosing a program that provides you with support from the moment you make the decision and throughout your life. The 12 step recovery program keeps you focused on recovery and actively involved in the Recovery Community. Call Gateway Foundation Aurora at 630.966.7400 to begin your journey to recovery.