Substance abuse doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Neither does recovery. An addiction Recovery Community is an integral part of healing from chemical dependency at Gateway Foundation Aurora.

When Drug Addiction Dominated Your Life

Health group of the recovery community at Gateway Foundation AuroraAddiction changes the way you live your life. You isolate yourself from friends and family members. Many people cut off even those closest to them. Addiction recovery is the antidote to this behavior.

You learn how to reconnect. You understand that there are some things you can’t fix, but you try to make amends. In the process, you also become a member of a larger addiction Recovery Community. It consists of people just like you.

What It Means to Be Part of the Addiction Recovery Community

Addiction recovery is a gradual process. You interact with therapists, counselors, and peers. Examples of modalities include:

  • Group therapy that provides opportunities for peer learning and encouragement
  • Psychotherapy, which benefits program participants who have dual diagnosis needs
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other therapies as the way to replace dysfunctional patterns with healthy ones
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment that incorporates pharmacological support in healing from substance abuse
  • 12-Step Facilitation and meeting attendance as a way to provide relapse prevention and introduce accountability

Most people prefer to check into a Residential Treatment program for maximum support. Doing so ensures that you spend the most time possible with others in recovery. However, there are additional treatment options. Some program participants do exceptionally well with a Partial Hospitalization Program or Intensive Outpatient Program.

As you heal, you re-learn how to have positive interactions with peers. During group sessions, you receive and give feedback. Besides that, you practice coping skills while communicating. Gradually, you become more comfortable while spending time with others and being sober.

These positive experiences ready you for 12 Step meeting attendance. This setup is a robust program in addiction recovery that emphasizes personal accountability. Above all, it gradually integrates you into the addiction Recovery Community. You learn from others, receive feedback, and start to reciprocate.

You feel more and more at ease with others. Furthermore, your progress makes you feel secure in your sobriety. You recognize that you have life experiences that could help others on their journeys. Almost seamlessly, you transition to being a mentor for others in recovery.

Taking an Active Role in Recovery

Being a part of the addiction Recovery Community lets you work closely with others even after discharge. You seek out counseling sessions and continue your dual diagnosis treatment. You regularly attend 12 Step meetings now. As you advance with your personal development and growth, you help others face obstacles.

At the same time, you still get help for yourself. Addiction recovery doesn’t end at discharge. Some would argue that it now starts in earnest. Recovery is a daily process that can sometimes threaten to derail.

You rely on the community to help you deal with triggers that tempt you to go back to using. Relapse prevention is a significant aspect of the community’s work. As an alum of the Gateway Foundation program, you also have the opportunity to return for events and workshops. You make new friendships and build your support network.

Why the Community is Crucial

Triggers and stress are all around you. Your old peer group is probably a significant factor in why you abused drugs. After treatment, you decide to stay away from them. It now seems like you have no friends.

This is where the community plays a vital role. Until you put together your network of supporters, it provides the assistance that fights off feelings of isolation and boredom. Most importantly, program participants of all ages will benefit from the aid that the Recovery Community offers.

It becomes a primary tool for staying on track. For young adults, it’s sometimes impossible to escape triggers. Peers in school use drugs, and there’s no way to get away. The community offers the respite and support to stay sober.

Reaching out for Assistance that Heals

Are you ready to become a member of the addiction Recovery Community? Gateway Foundation Aurora addiction treatment specialists invite you to learn more about becoming sober. Caring therapists want to help you at every step of the way. Call 630.966.7400 today.