Alcohol use disorder is a debilitating disease that often requires specialized treatment. Of course, understanding the options for what that looks like is an essential part of obtaining and maintaining sobriety. For many people, an inpatient alcohol rehab center offers the best chance.

Specifically, inpatient rehab offers medical attention and support with 24/7 monitoring and treatment. Inpatient rehab treatment separates a person from an environment that encourages their drinking. They are in a space where focusing solely on their recovery is all that matters.

Who Benefits from an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center?

Family learns of their loved ones recovery at his inpatient alcohol rehab center in Aurora IllinoisTypically, there are a variety of reasons that a person would choose an inpatient alcohol rehab in Aurora Illinois. For example, in some situations, a primary doctor or mental health professional referred them to treatment.

In other instances, they faced a crisis related to alcohol addiction, such as alcohol poisoning. Still, receiving emergency treatment in a hospital is another reason for a referral to an addiction treatment facility.

Ideally, candidates for inpatient alcohol rehab include those who:

  • Tried to quit on their own
  • Completed medical detox
  • Commit to living away from home to get better
  • Need medical supervision
  • Wants to stay motivated to overcome alcohol addiction

Making the decision to enter inpatient rehab is the beginning of a better life. A person can leave patterns of abusive drinking in the past. The journey of embracing a healthier, more satisfying life is possible at an alcohol addiction treatment facility.

What Happens at an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center?

Upon entering treatment, a person undergoes a medical and mental health assessment. It is crucial that they are honest about their alcohol consumption. Doing so ensure they receive a treatment plan tailored to their needs.

Removing all traces of alcohol happens first if the inpatient alcohol rehab center offers withdrawal management. It is critical to managing withdrawal symptoms as the body eliminates alcohol from its system.

Since withdrawal from alcohol is potentially fatal, a person may receive medications. Under direct supervision, this ensures their safety to achieving medical stability for the next phase of treatment.

Next, the treatment team prepares the person to begin transitioning into a comprehensive rehab program. Away from external triggers and temptations, a person spends 30, 60 or 90 days in recovery.

Duration of treatment varies based on the person’s needs. Therefore, alcohol addiction treatment only works when it considers a person’s unique path.

Therapies at an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center

The other side of withdrawal management occurs in a variety of program settings. Whether luxury standard, holistic or faith-based, inpatient alcohol rehab Aurora Illinois has therapies such as:

Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment focuses on physically, psychologically, and emotionally stabilizing a person. They begin learning core recovery concepts. Also, what they learn is put into practice. Each day, they follow a schedule of treatment activities designed to meet their specific recovery goals.

For instance, Individual Therapy helps a person recognize and cope with drinking stressors. During talk sessions, the therapist addresses underlying issues that drove them to alcohol abuse. They learn new techniques for handling triggers making healthier choices to avoid relapse.

Take Back Control of Your Life

Gateway Aurora, a not for profit provider of drug and alcohol treatment, offers comprehensive care for addiction. We recognize that addiction is a disease to be overcome with emotional, physical and also psychological healing.

Therefore, our inpatient alcohol rehab center gives you the space that you need to work through the struggles of addiction. We offer Addiction Medicine, which is a holistic approach of evidence-based, compassionate care unique to your needs.

Gateway Aurora also provides DUI evaluation classes in Chicago. This ensures that you complete court-mandated hours. During each course, you learn about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. Not only is this harmful to you, but it also puts other people’s lives at risk.

In addition to alcohol treatment, we are also a certified dual diagnosis program for life-changing solutions. This ensures that we address any mental health or other issues as well as your addiction.

The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Today is the day to get your life back with the help you deserve. Speak with one of our addiction specialists at [Direct] and start a new alcohol-free path.