Reclaiming a life of sobriety from drug abuse is commendable but should not happen alone. Not only is this dangerous, but it could also lead to a relapse. Help from an inpatient drug rehab center provides a safe and comforting environment.

A person struggling with severe drug addiction is never alone at a rehab center. They have access to round-the-clock emotional support from staff and others who are defeating substance abuse. Also, they have attentive medical attention to overcome the disease of addiction.

The Treatment Process at an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Typically, removing all traces of drugs from a person’s system is the first step. Their journey to sobriety continues as they slowly transition from Withdrawal Management to rehab. In this space, they begin the process of uncovering truths and addressing what led to their addiction.

Counselors conduct full assessments to determine a person’s history and needs. Details of the assessment help to inform their treatment plan. Since no two people experience addiction the same, personalized rehab is more effective.

For the most part, a person’s daily routine consists of therapy sessions and other activities. They continue in the inpatient drug rehab in Aurora Illinois based on their prescribed treatment plan. Eventually, they can transition into outpatient therapy.

Recovery continues while allowing the person to resume their personal responsibilities. Daily sessions decrease. Yet, counselors are always available for extra support when needed.

Different Approaches to Treating Drug Addiction

Upset woman holds her face at her inpatient drug rehab center in Aurora IllinoisOne of the most important aspects of choosing inpatient drug rehab is the facility’s approach to treatment. Some facilities lean heavily on the spiritual tenets of the 12-Steps treatment philosophy. Others adopt some of this without religious underpinnings.

Still, there are drug rehab facilities that use evidence-based and holistic therapeutic approaches. Additionally, some facilities treat co-occurring mental health conditions alongside drug addiction. In any situation, it is best to enter a facility that creates custom programs for each person.

Types of Therapy at an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Drug addiction can dictate a person’s thoughts and behaviors. Eventually, this level of dependency affects every area of their life. When that person decides to stop, they will have physical withdrawal symptoms.

Also, a person will battle powerful psychological withdrawal symptoms. Overcoming these challenges continue long after drugs have left their body. In fact, psychological symptoms are a major cause of relapse.

Therefore, the emotional and psychological sides of addiction require treatment, just like any other disease. While there are differences in therapeutic tactics, a few therapies are standard parts of treatment. Therapies within inpatient drug rehab Aurora Illinois treatment may include:

Based on their customized treatment plan, a person receives treatment for common symptoms such as insomnia, mood swings, depression and anxiety.

Benefits of an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

An inpatient drug rehab center gives a person what they need to get better: time and focus. This type of environment allows them to start the recovery process without hindrance or judgment.

Physical, psychological and emotional benefits abound. Each treatment level plays a huge role. What occurs during treatment can make the difference between relapsing and a lifetime of sobriety.

Physical Benefits

Immediate benefits a person experiences during drug addiction treatment are the physical changes. If a person has a physical dependence on a particular drug, ceasing use often causes withdrawal symptoms. The initial focus of withdrawal management safely removes traces of the drug.

Psychological Benefits

A wide range of psychotherapy options during rehab help to address a person’s present state. They process what it means to live a life of abstinence. This includes confronting the damage their drug use has caused.

Emotional Benefits

Peace of mind and emotional safety are critical components. This is true even when a person needs opiate addiction treatment Aurora Illinois offers after being prescribed the drug.

Let Inpatient Rehab Make a Difference in Your Recovery

Drug addiction can run rampant in your life. Before you know it, the drug becomes so important that it destroys the most important things. Let Gateway Aurora help you reverse the damage and find a better way to live.

Don’t let drug addiction hold you hostage. Our inpatient drug rehab center gives you opportunities to immerse yourself into building a drug-free life. Call [Direct] to begin a program tailored to your needs.