When it comes to addiction, there is no one-size-fits-all option. To ensure that everyone gets the treatment they need, rehab facilities are starting to diversify. For instance, gender-specific rehab is now an option in some facilities. A mens rehab center offers many benefits ranging from customized emotional support to treatments that provide mental stability. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we offer the latest treatment techniques. Let us help you recover from your addiction.

A Mens Rehab Center Helps Men Deal With Their Addiction

Smiling man glad to be at a mens rehab center for addiction recoveryMens rehab works in part because counselors are able to focus on each man’s addiction without the distraction of managing romantic tensions. Often, addiction occurs in those who are missing some security in their social lives. To fill the social void, people may turn to substance abuse. When you consider the neurochemical experience that occurs when you fall in love, it makes sense that people who are missing it replace the experience with something else. When that something else is a drug, though, it is not only physically and mentally harmful to the person, but it is also hard to overcome.

A Mens Rehab Center Focuses on the Needs of Men

Men and women handle the world differently. Gender-specific treatment programs use what’s known about each gender to develop particular treatment strategies. Learning styles, emotional support needs, and social bonding are different for men than they are for women. By welcoming this, our mens rehab center is able to promote the kind of communication that men respond to and establish a firmer recovery foundation. This is also the case for post-rehab support.

A Mens Rehab Center Knows the Issues Facing Men

According to statistics, men are more likely to use drugs and engage in binge drinking than women. We offer a Residential addiction treatment center for men because we know that the addiction issues facing men are different. In society, gender-based expectations vary widely. There are certain social stigmas that men face. For instance, men may believe that they’re weak if they turn to a mens rehab for help. They know that their families and friends expect them to be able to handle any challenge on their own without seeking assistance. Along with this, the different genders have fundamental biological differences. These differences mean that the physiological experience of addiction and withdrawal is unique to each sex.

The Benefits of Our Mens Rehab Center

Addiction treatment specialists have determined that when men get treated separately from women, they:

  • Don’t use humor as much to deflect from the seriousness of being in rehab
  • Form stronger bonds with one another
  • Are more comfortable showing their vulnerability
  • Share more emotions with each other and their counselors
  • Are less competitive

Mens rehab means that those who attend are likely to be more honest and open, which increases the likelihood of successful treatment. When men are in a setting with other members of the same sex, they settle in to fight the battle that they came for.

Let Our Mens Rehab Center Be Your Lifeline

At Aurora, our mens rehab center is one that will help you learn how to recover from and manage your addiction. To increase your chances of success, we offer treatments that work together. Some of our treatments include:

With the right help, you can overcome the challenging condition of addition. Call our mens rehab center at Gateway Foundation Aurora at 630.966.7400. We have the answers you have been looking for. Let us guide you toward an effective treatment.