When choosing addiction treatment programs, many clients struggle to decide between Residential and Outpatient Programs. Occupying the middle ground is the option of a partial hospitalization program. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, a partial hospitalization program can provide accountability while giving clients the freedom to live at home. Take a closer look at the various programs that can be a part of partial hospitalization at Gateway Foundation Aurora.

The Right Clients for a Partial Hospitalization Program

Counselor and client engaging in one on one therapy at partial hospitalization programLots of different people can benefit from partial hospitalization programs, also known as PHPs. Ideally, those who begin a PHP will already have completed detox. While partial hospitalization programs can accommodate lingering withdrawal symptoms, they aren’t recommended for those in the middle of drug withdrawal.

A PHP is also great for anyone with a healthy support system at home. PHP doesn’t include overnight accommodation. This means that it is an Outpatient Program. It works best if clients can go home each night and stay with friends and family who are committed to maintaining sobriety.

Partial hospitalization programs can provide all-day support and accountability. This is unlike Outpatient Programs, which sometimes ask clients to book appointments and sessions. In PHP, clients show up each day and focus on the program and the therapies for that day session.

Understanding the PHP Schedule

A partial hospitalization program can be so effective in large part because of its schedule. Although the exact timing can vary from client to client, PHP usually requires six days a week of care. A typical day might last for five to seven hours.

In many ways, PHP is similar to a full-time job. After all, recovery should be your job for the duration of treatment. PHP might start in the morning and stretch until the middle of the afternoon. During that time, clients can participate in a wide range of therapies and activities.

Schedule and routine are critical to the recovery process for many reasons. It establishes healthy habits, some of which can last for a lifetime. It also allows clients to make fewer decisions, saving up their willpower for when it matters the most.

Starting PHP With a Full Intake Assessment

Like any recovery program, a partial hospitalization program should begin with a full intake assessment. One of the great things about PHP is that it offers routine. However, no client needs to follow the same schedule day in and day out. Instead, it makes sense to create a schedule that best meets the needs of the individual client.

In an intake assessment, medical professionals and addiction treatment specialists can determine the best support for each client. Sometimes, clients need a partial hospitalization program that includes a focus on mental health. Dual diagnosis PHP programs are available. They are critical for individuals with concurrent addiction and mental health disorders. Whatever the situation, clients deserve an individualized approach to begin lifelong sobriety.

PHP Clients Still Deserve Flexibility and a Holistic Approach

Clients at the Aurora location of Gateway Foundation can expect a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to recovery. Proven therapy techniques and Medication-Assisted Treatment are the foundation upon which sobriety can be built. Nonetheless, holistic therapies can also be useful.

Partial hospitalization programs should still allow clients to branch out and try other holistic therapies. From practicing yoga to learning about nutrition, there are a lot of ways to relieve stress and feel confident during recovery. Having therapy options makes clients feel like they can take charge of their life, whether they commit to a PHP or an IOP.

What to Expect From PHP at Gateway Foundation Aurora

Gateway Foundation Aurora provides clients with a range of recovery services. One of the most successful programs is PHP. In addition to regular schedules, clients can expect a wide range of treatments and therapies. Just a few of the many effective methods and sessions include the following:

A partial hospitalization program might be the right route for your recovery. At Gateway Foundation Aurora in Illinois, clients can begin their journey to lifelong sobriety. Call 630.966.7400 to learn more about finding the right program for health, happiness, and freedom from addiction.