People with substance use disorder often feel scared when they reach out for help. This feeling is entirely natural. However, the rehab staff will guide them through the rehab admissions process. They can ease their fears further by learning what to expect and how to prepare.

The Rehab Admissions Process

The first step that people must take is to find a facility that’s right for them. The rehab center should treat their addictions, offer a range of programs and have the proper accreditation and licensing. After they choose a location, they can begin the admissions process.

Contacting the Facility

Rehab admissions may mean handing over credit cardEntering addiction treatment starts with contacting the chosen rehab center. Staff members are available to take calls and answer questions about programs and services. The conversation also remains confidential.

When the inquiries are out of the way, the representatives perform pre-enrollment interviews. The assessments usually take 15 to 30 minutes and involve talking about patients’ addictions and health history. The staff members need to know what drugs they use, how long they used, and how much they used. They also ask about the potential for and diagnoses of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Also, the reps need patients’ personal details to start the admissions process. Examples of this information include name, date of birth, employment status and home address. They could ask about relationships and financial issues as well.

Some people think that these questions are invasive, but they need to be honest with their answers. The reason is that this screening will help the counselor determine the best recovery options for their needs. Even though the staff will conduct a final evaluation, dishonest answers during the pre-enrollment interview could hinder treatment.

Discussing the Cost and Payment Options

Determining treatment costs and payment options is the second step in the rehab admissions process. Thirty days in Residential Treatment is costly, but the longer that patients stay in treatment, the higher the success rate. Because of that, the admissions counselors will discuss the costs during the initial contact.

Then, they perform an insurance verification to determine patients’ health benefits. They’ll be able to help patients assess their co-pay and coinsurance costs. Knowing which services their insurance plans cover may influence their treatment plans.

Since insurance policies usually cover part of the rehab costs, most patients need other payment options. The facility accepts numerous forms of payment and offers financing to make paying for treatment affordable. The representative of Gateway Foundation Aurora can discuss all of these options during the pre-enrollment call.

It is also important to know that Gateway Foundation is a nonprofit treatment center that accepts both in and out of network insurance.

Getting to Rehab

When the rehab admissions counselors have all of the above information, they can reserve rooms for new patients. To make the process as smooth as possible, they’ll stay in contact with the patients and their families. They can even help make ground and air transportation arrangements to the facility.

Before arrival, patients who enroll in residential rehab should bring belongings that give them comfort. All new patients should consider their long-term goals and be open to talk about themselves. It’s also crucial that they accept that recovery will be a necessary challenge to live a healthier life.

The rehab admissions staff is available to greet new patients when they arrive at the center. At this point, they start the in-person rehab admission process, which includes asking more questions and performing medical exams. Alongside the above details that patients have provided, the staff uses new information to build individual recovery plans.

Begin Your Treatment Now at Gateway Aurora

Are you ready to take the first step in the admissions process? Gateway Aurora is a nonprofit alcohol and drug treatment center near Chicago, Illinois. We can walk you through enrollment so that you get the best care possible for your addiction. We also make rehab affordable by accepting in-network and out-of-network providers and by offering some financing options.

At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we understand that addiction is a disease that requires both evidence-based and holistic treatment practices. To that end, our adult program includes many programs and counseling services such as:

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