When you decide to seek help for addiction, you might wonder if your insurance plan will cover the costs. This question can lead to worry and anxiety, but it does not have to. Current healthcare legislation states that insurance companies have to offer rehab insurance coverage.

This is similar to the way insurance companies cover treatment for other medical conditions. Different insurance plans also have varying degrees of coverage. While some insurance plans offer full coverage for addiction treatment programs, others provide partial rehab insurance coverage.

At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we focus on your recovery, so that you do not have to deal with additional distractions. We verify your insurance to learn the degree of your rehab insurance coverage and help plan your course of action. We accept in and out of network rehab insurance and offer Residential, Outpatient and Alumni Engagement programs, providing long-term support.

The Importance of Treatment at a Quality Rehab Center

Man confused about rehab insurance coverageSeeking treatment at a quality treatment center ensures participation in evidence-based therapies and activities focused on health and recovery. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, our team of addiction treatment specialists works together to create an individualized plan for your recovery. Our goal is to heal your mind, body, and spirit by following a holistic approach incorporating therapy, meditation, and education.

One of the benefits of choosing a quality rehab center such as Gateway Foundation Aurora is that the health of your whole being is very important. As a result, we attempt to provide a relaxing, safe atmosphere where you can focus on recovery. We also try to accommodate all your needs and work with your rehab insurance coverage, so costs are not an obstacle.

What to Expect at Gateway Foundation Aurora

When you join us at Gateway Aurora, you can expect support from our experienced, empathetic staff of doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists. You can also expect to participate in Individual and Group Therapy sessions focused on identifying and working through your issues. Our intimate facility on the Presence Health Hospital campus provides an opportunity for you to participate in small programs and get more one-on-one interactions with our staff. We pay particular attention to dual diagnosis cases with patients who undergo treatment for co-occurring mental health and addiction conditions. We also understand the value of family as your primary support system and encourage their participation in your recovery.

Your recovery is our number one priority and we use the tools necessary to get you the treatment you need. Because finances are a critical part of decision-making, we help you figure out your care through your rehab insurance coverage. At Gateway Foundation Aurora, we believe addiction is a lifelong condition, so we offer support from withdrawal through treatment and post-care. We boast a strong Recovery Community and encourage you to take an active role once you complete your treatment. We offer many volunteering opportunities that keep you connected and focused on your recovery.

What Services Might Be Included with Rehab Insurance Coverage?

As rehab insurance is available for evidence-based services, our treatment plans incorporate a variety of these services. Evidence-based, scientifically backed services have been proven to work and help our patients achieve success. We aim to empower you so you can take control of your life and your health, which means we offer services to modify behavior and values that might have led to your addiction. We also provide you with educational classes to prevent relapse and teach you coping skills for stressful situations.

The services that might be covered by your rehab insurance include:

Do not let the costs of rehab deter you from seeking treatment for your addiction. Rehab insurance coverage can help you pay for some or all of the services you need. We can help you find the right treatment program. Call Gateway Foundation Aurora today at 630.296.5310 to start your recovery process.