Gateway Aurora therapists commit their time and expertise to help you recover from substance abuse. Because it’s a chronic disease, your Aetna drug rehab coverage may pay for some or all of it. How does treatment work? And how can you find out exactly how much the insurer will pay?

Understanding Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage

Man explaining to patient their Aetna drug rehab coverageAs the Aetna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois locals can depend on, Gateway Aurora works with your insurer. Current legislation requires the company to treat addiction as a disease. Therefore, it’ll pay for your care. However, the actual amounts vary, depending on the type of coverage you bought.

Aetna is a health insurer that works with employees but also offers individual policies. Behavioral and mental health provisions may come into play when paying for your rehab experience. Because the company realizes that each individual’s different, it offers a bit of flexibility when choosing your rehab experience. Finding out the details of your Aetna drug rehab coverage is easy.

Begin with a call to our residential addiction treatment center Aurora Illinois residents trust. An intake specialist works with you to conduct an insurance verification. This quick process provides you with a wealth of information. Rather than reading the policy yourself, you find out precisely what your benefits cover.

Choosing a Treatment Model That Works for You

The majority of clients prefer to enter our Aetna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois locals call on a residential basis. This means that you live at the facility and take your meals here. Because we limit the number of people who can stay at the center, it doesn’t feel crowded. In contrast, it has a warm family feel.

You undergo treatment throughout the day and socialize with peers in the evenings. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice living sober with others. If you’ve had a difficult time interacting with others outside of drug use, we recommend doing so at the center. When you do, you begin working out your relapse prevention strategies from day one.

That said, not everyone benefits from a residential treatment approach. For this reason, Aetna drug rehab coverage also pays for other care approaches. Case in point is partial hospitalization. You spend most of your day at the facility undergoing therapy.

In the evenings, you return home. The same’s true for the intensive outpatient program. This setup represents a part-time approach to treatment at the Aetna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois counts on. If you caught the condition early, it’s an excellent option for keeping up with work or school.

No Matter the Care Program, You Receive Excellent Evidence-Based Therapy

The quality of care is the same throughout all the programs. You work with committed counselors and therapists who’ll help you enter long-term recovery. At the Aetna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois locals look to for help, this might mean a mix of approaches. Examples of modalities that Aetna drug rehab coverage might cover include:

Another vital treatment approach at our Aetna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois calls is Mindfulness-Based Sobriety. Because so many people struggle with anxiety and coping skills, it’s critical to ground yourself in the present. The goal’s to prevent you from living in the past or worrying about the future. In contrast, you learn to understand how you feel right now.

It prevents the feelings of dread that so many people struggle with. Most importantly, it enables you to focus on your recovery in the present moment. It’s an excellent tool for overcoming addiction on multiple levels of your personality.

Of course, before you focus on this aspect of care, it’s essential to enroll in treatment. The Aetna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois trusts works with your Aetna drug rehab coverage. Contact Gateway Aurora today at [Direct] to schedule an appointment and undergo the insurance verification.