One of the biggest challenges people face when they begin thinking about getting treatment for their addiction is how to pay for it. If someone doesn’t have healthcare insurance coverage, the problem becomes substantial. If the individual does have healthcare insurance coverage, that’s excellent news. Why? Most of the top addiction treatment organizations gladly accept insurance as a viable form of payment. Experience tells the rehab center that anyone with Cigna drug rehab coverage is going to have minimal problems making payment.

About Cigna and Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

Doctor helps patient understand her Cigna drug rehab coverageIn 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. It marked the first time in US history that the government required US residents to carry healthcare insurance. It also marked the first time in US history that insurance companies had a dictate to cover addiction treatment costs the same way they would any other medical condition.

Cigna is an international healthcare insurance provider. They offer individual insurance policies as well as group coverage through employers. After decades of being in business, the company now employs 40,000 people who serve more than 95,000,000 customers from all over the world. In our Cigna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois location, we proudly accept healthcare insurance as our preferred method of payment.

The Requirement of the ACA

For two obvious reasons, Cigna drug rehab coverage is essential to addiction sufferers. First, Cigna is not able to refuse coverage for preexisting conditions such as addiction. Additionally, under the terms of the ACA, the insurance company must cover at least a portion of certain costs, which the government has legislated. To be clear, the ACA does not dictate the extent of coverage the insurance company has to provide. It only states what treatment options the insurance company must cover.

To help clarify what is meant by the extent of coverage, there’s nothing in the ACA that says Cigna drug rehab coverage has to cover 100% of inpatient care. The ACA only dictates that the insurance company provide some level of Cigna drug rehab coverage for specific inpatient treatments.

At this point, it makes sense to discuss what treatment costs Cigma drug rehab coverage has to cover. In fact, there are five general addiction treatment components insurance companies have to cover at least in part. They are:

  • Basic Inpatient care – could exclude cutting edge holistic therapies at the insurance company’s discretion
  • Outpatient care
  • Medications the patient needs for detox and other aspects of treatment
  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Aftercare programs like sober living

Since outpatient care is far more cost-effective than inpatient care, a lot of insurance companies are willing to cover all outpatient costs. This serves a motivation for the customer to seek outpatient care if possible.

How to Determine Your Levels of Coverage

If you are unsure about what addiction treatment costs your insurance covers, then you can find that information on your policy summary. If you are still not clear, you can call the insurance company’s customer service department. When you are preparing to enter our outpatient drug rehab Aurora Illinois location, one of our representatives will help you. We’ll advocate on your behalf to clarify what types of treatment we can offer you under your insurance policy. If you want other treatment options, you might have to come up with an alternative or additional payment option.

Gateway Foundation – 50 Years of Addiction Treatment

As part of the renowned Gateway Foundation, our Cigna drug rehab center Aurora Illinois location provides a wide range of treatment services. We tailor or outpatient services to meet each client’s specific needs. Our services include:

If you have Cigna drug rehab coverage, then you are good to seek addiction treatment in our Gateway Aurora facility. While here, we will do everything in our power to get you into recovery. For more information about our facility, you give us a call at [Direct].