Cocaine is a powerful drug, sometimes containing other drugs, such as amphetamines, or fillers, such as cornstarch. Perhaps you began using cocaine recreationally when you were out partying with friends. However, to maintain the extreme euphoria, energy, and alertness the drug can provide, you started using more and more. Eventually, the need to get high and to avoid withdrawal at any cost led to binging and addiction. If you finally know you need help to break your addiction, cocaine addiction treatment could be the answer.

Distressed woman speaking with therapist at a cocaine addiction treatment centerAt Gateway Foundation Aurora addiction treatment center, you can begin treatment for your cocaine addiction. Our staff of doctors, therapists and other medical professionals works as a team to deliver personalized Addiction Medicine to each patient. We believe in treating addiction as a lifelong disease, helping you gain the tools necessary to become sober and healthy. Additionally, we teach you the skills you need to cope with everyday stress that leads to relapse. Our staff combines holistic practices that heal the whole person with evidence-based services that have been proven to work. At our centers, we guarantee support from an organization that has helped over a million patients for 50 years.

Benefits of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

When you seek treatment for cocaine addiction, you get access to the experience and knowledge of our staff. This can ease the difficulties of the rehabilitation process. Our medical professionals oversee your rehab to help you reach physical health as well as mental health. This might include using Medication-Assisted Treatment, if necessary, to treat the physical and sometimes dangerous side effects of quitting drugs or alcohol. These side effects can sometimes lead to relapse and become a deterrent in your recovery journey.

Another benefit of cocaine addiction treatment is the peer support you receive as you seek help at our cocaine addiction treatment center. Sometimes, finding a support system of people who are experiencing a similar process can be empowering. You can find people to talk to, share your fears, concerns, and hopes. You banish the feeling of isolation that addiction brings. Finally, we teach you what to do and what to avoid to continue on your recovery journey. Meanwhile, we help you find your path back to happiness and fulfillment in a drug-free life.

The Drug Addiction Treatment Experience

At our cocaine addiction treatment center, you can expect support during each part of your rehab process. You begin by taking part in our Withdrawal Management program, to get you ready for treatment. Depending on the particulars of your situation, you then proceed to Residential Treatment or Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment. If you have responsibilities that prevent you from taking a leave of absence from your life, you can seek Outpatient Treatment. However, if you can enter Residential Treatment, you can focus on your recovery in a safe space without additional distractions. Support continues through our aftercare program. When you complete our program, you can participate in our strong Recovery Community. We provide opportunities to share your story, lead support groups and other activities for those in ongoing recovery.

During treatment, you not only participate in addiction therapy services, but you can also begin a new chapter in your life. We encourage you to develop new interests and hobbies, to show you how a sober life can be enjoyable. We also help you plan for the future, including how to return to a career or continue with your studies.

Services Provided at Our Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

Our cocaine addiction treatment is rooted in evidence-based practices that are supported by research. When our staff develops your treatment plan, they consider the services and therapies that might best work for you and give you the highest chance at success in your recovery journey. These services include:

If you are tired of addiction ruling your life, cocaine addiction treatment at Gateway Foundation Aurora will help you break your addiction cycle so you can live a sober life. Call us today at 630.966.7400 and begin your road to healing.