According to a 2014 report, more than 2.5 million Americans struggle with an opioid use disorder. When you become addicted to opioids, it makes changes to your brain; changes that can increase the intensity of the addiction. To break free of opioid addiction, you’ll need more than your own willpower. It can take time, but counseling and medications at an opioid addiction treatment center can help you be successful.

An Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Can Help With Physical Dependence

Hands clapping in group session at opioid addiction treatment centerOpioids alter the brain’s circuits that are in charge of your mood and reward behavior. If you wind up addicted to opioids for a long time, they’ll impact pretty much all of your body’s systems. When you stop taking them all at once, your withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Drug cravings
  • Body aches
  • Agitation and extreme bad moods
  • Chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If you have an addiction to narcotics, then you know that this symptom list doesn’t begin to describe the pain of having them happen to you. It’s highly unpleasant to go through withdrawal, and most people will do anything they can to avoid it.

Opioid withdrawal can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. Sometimes, it takes weeks for the symptoms to end. Withdrawal length depends on the drug you’re addicted to, how much of it you were taking, and how long your addiction was going on. After the first acute symptoms pass, you may experience physical and mental discomfort for weeks. One of the advantages of turning to an opioid addiction treatment center for direction is that we will help you deal with the lingering symptoms.

Avoid Relapse With Help From an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

When addicted to opioids, most people relapse because of how tough the side effects are to manage. There are medications that we use during opioid addiction treatment, medications that can help you deal with withdrawal and prevent the symptoms from developing. These are different medications. They will help you without causing you to become addicted to them. These medications affect the same areas of your brain and body as opioids, but they don’t make you high. You do have to go to an opioid addiction treatment center to gain access to them. With the right dose, you won’t experience symptoms of withdrawal. The medications are effective because they decrease drug cravings.

The main reason that opioid-addicted people relapse is due to psychological and social factors. Stress and moments that remind you of how pleasurable it is to take the drug can trigger a relapse. Those who successfully remain opioid-free do so with medication and counseling.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Center for Bystanders

Addiction to opioids can be hard to spot. If you suspect that someone you love is suffering from an addiction, seek help from an opioid addiction treatment facility. Detecting an addiction early can prevent relapse. A treatment facility can help you determine if someone you love is using more medicine than the amount prescribed and whether they are too dependent on a drug to function normally. Sometimes, addicted individuals only feel normal when they’re on the drug.

Heal With Guidance From an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

It’s possible to break free of your addiction to prescription drugs. Gateway Foundation Aurora offers Residential, Outpatient, and Medication-Assisted Treatment options. To improve your chances of success, we also provide services such as:

Addiction doesn’t have to take over your life. It is something that you can learn how to manage when you get help from a quality opioid addiction treatment center. Give Gateway Foundation Aurora a call at 630.966.7400. We’ll help you find your way to recovery.